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We have several guides on our blog on Fleek Storage. Below are some links to get you started!

Guide Link Description
Introduction to Fleek Storage Js Go to guide This short guide will help you get up and running with our Fleek Storage Js SDK
Integration for AWS S3 SDK Go to guide If you have an existing project built on the AWS S3 SDK, it is easy to make the switch to Fleek Storage. This guide will guide you through our AWS S3-based Storage SDK
Fleek Storage use case: images for NTFs Go to guide We show how to save NFTs assets on IPFS with Fleek Storage


We also upload regularly to our youtube channel and we encourage you to subscribe.

Below is a list of videos about Fleek Storage to get you started.

Fleek Storage Js Deep Dive

This guide will help you get started with Fleek Storage Js. We go through each of the methods of the SDK.

The Fleek Storage SDK Crash Course (AWS S3 SDK)

This guide walks through our AWS S3-based Fleek Storage SDK.