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Configuring DNSLink

DNSLink allows the mapping of a domain name to an IPFS hash. Setting up DNSLink will allow you to use a domain name to access the latest version of your site through IPFS.

For example, accessing will point to the most recent IPFS hash of the Fleek homepage. The utility of this feature comes from having an unchanging link pointing to the most recent IPFS hash, which changes with each new build.

The IPFS documentation extrapolates further on the subject.

The option to set up DNSLink can be accessed by navigating from the site's Settings to Domain Management > Domains > Custom Domains and clicking on the three vertical dots.

A popup will appear with directions on how to update the DNS records for DNSLink. The changes must be done through the domain registrar managing the domain, such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc. The specific steps to update the records vary depending on which service you are using.

Furthermore, upon updating the records there is a delay of a few minutes before the new records are fully propagated on the internet. An online dns checker is a very useful tool to verify that the changes are propagated fully.

Once the setup is complete, we can click on Verify DNS configuration to proceed.

A blue chip with the text DNS Link next to the domain will indicate the successful integration of DNSLink.