Custom Domains

Fleek can handle DNS management to allow for adding custom domains.

Custom Domains

Upon site creation, Fleek will automatically assign a domain name in the following follow: [RANDOM_NAME] Of course, we allow users to point the site to a custom of their choice.

Adding a Custom Domain


  1. Go to your site's page and select Add or register domain
  2. Enter the domain you would like to add
  3. From here you will either have to confirm that you already own this domain. If you do not own the domain name and that it is available, you can buy it through Fleek.

Verifying the Custom Domain

After adding the custom domain, it will appear in the site's settings under Domain Management > Domains. checkdns

The domain must be verified before it is linked to the site. To verify, click on the Check DNS configuration button. This will make a modal appear containing instructions to add the domain. Follow the instructions in the modal. The steps to update the records might be slightly different depending on your domain name provider. We then must wait for the domain to be propagated before clicking on Verify DNS configuration on the modal.

To verify that the DNS is indeed propagated before clicking on the button, you can use a tool such as


If the verify DNS was successful, the domain name will become blue. finished add domain